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Manesse Codex Jousting game

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faux ivory belt set http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/74-faux-ivory-belt-set.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/74-faux-ivory-belt-set.html This faux ivory belt buckle and fitting set is based of an original in the Cluny

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Kitchen knife http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/67-knife.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/67-knife.html Keeping with the aesthetics of a kitchen knife from the 14-16c while making the shape that I personaly like best.

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pewter castings (buttons, buckles and belt plaques) http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/64-pewter.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/64-pewter.html We produce buckles, buttons, belt plaques and other miscellaneous pieces individually cast in hand carved soapstone molds.  

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15c Milanese arm harnesss (museum replica quality) http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/62-collector-quality-arm-harness.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/62-collector-quality-arm-harness.html  

Around the start of the second quarter of the 15c arm took drastic steps forward in protection and in looks.

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faux ivory wax tablets http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/57-faux-ivory-wax-tablets.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/57-faux-ivory-wax-tablets.html  

Used much like a modern PDA, wax tablets where common amongst educated people.

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rocking horse http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/55-rocking-horse.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/55-rocking-horse.html Fully armoured rocking horse, detailed out with custom cast buckles and rosettes.

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knees from "Maryrdom of Saint Barbara" http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/54-knees.html http://www.brianbrownarmoury.com/available-now/54-knees.html  

Knees based on the painting The Martyrdom of Saint Barbara, ca. 1510, by Lucas Cranach the Elder (German, 1472–1553)

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