faux ivory wax tablets


Used much like a modern PDA, wax tablets where common amongst educated people.

They where used for tax records, devotional stories and other daily business and note keeping purposes. While many of the wax tablets where simple boards with a hollow carved out and filled with wax, those with the means often had onces made of ivory with multiple pages and ornate covers. Most often the covers where of a religious nature, portraying saints or scenes from the Bible. A metal or bone stylus was usually used to write in the wax. In the thin blackened wax of the ivory tablets the stylus would penetrate through the wax leaving the writing appearing white from the exposed ivory on a black background of wax. Once a page was no longer of need the back of the stylus had a flat that would be used to "Erase" the writing by smoothing the wax back out so the page could be used again. My replicas are made of a cast resin that replicates ivory. The cover page is cast from a master I sculpted that portrays Saint George and the Dragon, it is not based of any existing original but is done in the basic style common to many existing ivory tablets. The individual pages are filled with a thin layer of blackened beeswax on one side (Two sided pages might be available in the future). I include a forged steel stylus. The pages can be bound via holes drilled in the edge of the page and tied together or via a leather or parchment hinge glued to one edge of the pages. A tooled leather case makes the tablet easy and convenient to carry and protects it. My replica is of a typical medieval size at 2in wide x 2 7/8in tall. While I typical make them with 4 pages and a cover they can be made with any number of pages.

Price is broken down by parts as you can choice how many pages you would like in yours, or even do like some originals and have fancy covers front and back.

$40 for the cover

$15per wax writing page 
$75  for a tooled leather case  
$100+ for custom tooled case Stylus and binding included

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