pewter castings (buttons, buckles and belt plaques)

We produce buckles, buttons, belt plaques and other miscellaneous pieces individually cast in hand carved soapstone molds.  

Select from our current selection or contact with art work for quotes on custom carved molds done to your specifications.  Every item is individually hand cast and trimmed, so slight variations exist from piece to piece resulting in more character than mass produced pieces.

Here is a couple of examples of custom pieces

celtic tokensCollar of state



Buttons $10 dozen

Brian Brown Armoury Etsy page

I've made a new mold for the button backs.  All buttons now have backs like in this picture 

button backs

Compass star buttons 1/2in.  compass star buttons


Fleur de lis buttons 1/2in.

fleur de lis buttons


Gryphon head buttons 1/2in.

gryphon head buttons


Ivy leaf buttons 1/2in.

ivy leaf buttons


Aglets $10dozen 

Cast pewter 1 1/2in long. Tapered hole cast in aprox 1/8in diam and 1/4in deep for accepting the cord. Will easly fit through a 1/4in hole. sand down the fluting and will fit 3/16" hole.




pics and prices will go here as soon as I get to it.


Strap ends

Warwick strap ends, designed to fit 5/8" wide strap thinned out to the thickness of 3oz.  My design incapsulates the end of the strap enstead of just mounting on top of it.  Between a drop of epoxy and pressing the cast in cleat on the back makes for a great secure strap end without having to try and pien little bitty rivets.

Warwick strap end


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