Kitchen knife

Keeping with the aesthetics of a kitchen knife from the 14-16c while making the shape that I personaly like best.

 Blade is stock removal from D2 tool steel.  Since this knife is a bit larger and designed for kitchen use not carrying on a belt the blade was only tempered out to aprox Rc55, this means it will hold a better edge for longer but is more brittle than an all purpose version.  The handle scales are Myrtle-wood burl held with brass pins.  The scabbard is hand stitched and formed in harden leather that I burnt the fluer dy lis design onto.  the long slender point is great for boning and carving (as well as sliver removal) while the rounded belly further back makes for a great chopping and dicing blade, all in all a great knife for a medieval kitchen.

Price $150

kitchen knife out of scabbard


kitchen knife handle close up

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