past gauntlets


Here is a small assortment of gauntlets I've done in the past.

Black and white set based of a set in the collection of Wade Allen (For more information from his site They are constructed with hr16g steel with the recesses painted black and the high spots polished. The Thumb tips where done in an enclosed manner at the customers request.


B&W gauntlets on Wade Allens site

my recreation

B&W gauntlets

B&W gauntlets


Next up is a hourglass gauntlet typical of the late 14th century and early early 15th century, with brass trim and engraving. The back of the hand and cuff are all one piece raised into shape instead of separate pieces welded together. The brass has a Latin motto chiseled into it in a close to period manner and both the brass and the gauntlet itself have been detailed with wiggle work.  Fingers are done like originals with the plates individually riveted to a leather strip that is then sewn to the glove.  There is aslo a "knuckle rider", a shaped strip of metal that pivots out from under the knuckles of the gauntlet itselt making the movement of the fingers far more free and fluid.

hourglass gauntlets

hourglass gauntlets

hourglass gauntlets

Here is a set of simple sport combat mitten gauntlets.

mitten gauntlets


This was actually my second piece of steel armour I ever made. Every bit of the surface is covered in etched designs which like the gauntlets themselves are totally fantasy.

fantasy gauntlet


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