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While armour is my main focus I dable in edged pieces from time to time.  Here is an example of what I've done beyond the elswhere mentioned rapier hilts.

 By far the most facinating and beautiful piece I've done to date.  Roman Spatha, blade is forged from 50 layers alternating L6 and 1095.  I got to work with a local master Ford Swauger to forge the billet.  Once the billet was forged all the shaping was done without his supervision in my own shop.  60-80hrs of sanding, grinding and filing lead to the finished shape.  Then it was heat treated, polished and etched to bring out the patterns.  The handle was provided by a good friend and profesional wood worker.  The butt cap and insert in the guard are both made from the same damascus as the blade.  The finished piece is about 33 1/4in overall with 26 1/2in blade 2 1/8 wide at the base and 1/4in thick with a nice distal tapper towards the tip. 2lb 3.25oz with COB 7in from the gaurd.roman spathdamascus spathadamascus roman sword

On the opposite side of the spectrum here is a set of pinking chisels for seamstress,  They are forged out of O1 tool steel.

pinking chisels

Here is a middle eastern knife based of a drawing in a book.


misc 14 and 15c utility knives.

utility knives

utility knife

utility knife

kitchen knife

knife and pricker

zombie slayer

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