breast plates

Here is a small example of past breastplates I've done.

 Mid 16c with articulated tasset and articulated arm gussets, done in 16g.

16c breastplate


16c breastplate with articulated gussets and file and pierce worked edges on many of the plates.

16c breastplate


Based of the early 15c corrazinas,  this particular one is done in 16g steel with over 50 plates making up the top of the shoulder and neck area.  The whole thing is covered in upholstery weight angor wool velvet with a canvas backing, held on with hundreds of replica arming tacks.



Inspired by the artwork from the War of the Roses, in particular those in Froisarts chronicles.  16g breastplate, 18g back plate, upper parts covered in velvet with a latching block for the customer supplied bevor.

War of the Roses breastplate

War of the Roses breastplate


Velvet covered globlose breastplate based of the one in the Munich museum.

velvet globlose breastplate

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