Brass Work

Engraved, chiseled, embossed and/or etched brass trim can be added to most any armour, whether or not you purchase that armour from the armoury or wanted it added to armour you all ready have.

  Some times you all ready have a piece or armour that you love and don't want to replace but you want to increase its "Bling".  The answer to that is ornate brass trim, this is a very historical means of detailing out late 14c armour in particular.  Chiseled motto's, wiggle work and embossing all add to the look and feel of a piece of armour.  This level of detail be added to armour I make, or to armour you all ready have. 



Brass in engraved trim on a gauntlet of my own manufacture

engraved and brass trimed hourglass gauntlet


Brass trim on customer supplied gauntlets and visor

brass trim on customer supplied visor and guantlets


Detail shots fo the above trim work

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More customer supplied pieces that I detailed out with brass trim.

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